New achievement unlocked: MLIS!

Well it’s done. I got my MLIS. I finished my coursework back in August, but my actual diploma arrived last week.

It’s been a weird ride. These past two years getting my degree have been tough. I moved my life from Chicago to Milwaukee and studied full time. I hadn’t been in school since I was 22, and adjusting to homework life was rough. But two years later, I turned in my last assignment and was done with homework forever. It felt weird. I didn’t feel excited or happy that graduate school was over. I felt nervous and relieved. It was over, and I was back in the real world – back to job hunting and waiting for the official word from school that I was done. It’s all been very sobering.

Until I got my diploma. Holding that dumb piece of paper made me feel ecstatic! I was done, and ready to start a new adventure. Job hunting is not the most exciting, or even uplifting, thing in the world. But each application I submit is a new possibility, a fresh start for my new career.

I’m happy to have my MLIS. I’m happy to be back in Chicago and bring what I learned back to my home. Next goal – to get a job!

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