2016 Reading Goal

Last year I read 58 books – eight over my 2015 goal. Library school, along with book reviewing, really helped me accomplish my reading total for the year. This year I’m trying for 65 books. To make it more interesting, I’m also using Book Riot’s Reading Spreadsheet to track what types of books I read. After reading their article on how one of their staff writers used the spreadsheet to analyze their reading habits, I’m interested to see what kind of books I read. Do I stick to my interests (SF and Fantasy) or read everything? Are most of the books I read by men or women? As a librarian-in-training I want to strive to read a diverse selection of books, but I also realize that reading everything out there is unrealistic. The spreadsheet could help identify my “weaker” areas.

I also plan on posting what I’ve read during the month on here. I don’t usually blog about my personal reading, using Goodreads as my sounding board instead. I think blogging about the books I’ve read will help me have better insight into¬†what I’m reading as well as be a fun way to connect with the literature on a different level. I don’t suspect these to be typical book reviews with plot summaries and critique, so we’ll see how these evolve.

So here’s to 2016 – time to start reading!