Public Speaking and Programming

I’m here to help! I do programs for teens, 20s/30s, and general audiences. I also am available for staff training webinars for libraries.


How to Bullet Journal

I’ve been an avid bullet journaler for five years now, and have taken that passion and created variety of programs that teach people how to get started.

Cosplay for Beginners

Cosplay is a rewarding hobby, but can be intimidating at first. This program can be tailored to the needs of your library – from discussing what cosplay is and how to get started to making simple foam armor pieces.


Intro to Tarot

I love teaching tarot to new people and doing simple readings. In this program I go over the history and practice of tarot, and depending on time am able to do readings for participants too.

A History of Classic Cocktails

Impress your friends with a smashing cocktail. I go over the complicated and hidden history of classic cocktails, along with how to make them at home. This makes for a great virtual program!


Digital Detox

This program combines creating healthy tech habits with patron privacy advocacy. We’ll go over some simple steps to “clean out” your smartphone and the data it keeps about you, and learn tips how to keep ourselves away from the addictive aspects of our devices.

Cutting the Cable Cord

It’s time to break up with your cable box! I’ll teach your patrons how to switch from cable to streaming and talk about the current streaming options on the market.


Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is a great way to connect with your teen and 20-something community! I’m available to run unique and exciting games in D&D 5e system and to help people make well-rounded and inclusive characters.

Game Mastering

I’m also available to run games in other systems! I’m very familiar with games within the Powered by the Apocalypse system (Monster of the Week, Blades in the Dark) and the World of Darkness system (Vampire the Masquerade).

Library Training

Romance Readers Advisory

Looking to improve your staff’s romance knowledge? I’ve done a variety of programs teaching people the current trends in the romance genre.

How to Run D&D at Your Library

I’ll bring my 20 years of playing and running D&D to your library and teach your staff how to run a successful Dungeons & Dragons program.

Comic Book & Manga Readers Advisory

I can also offer similar trainings for teen and adult comic books and manga. We will discuss current trends and hot titles, and how to start collecting them.