Photos are back from C2E2

I can’t believe my favorite con went by so quickly! This year was such a blast – not only did I get to attend some terrific library panels, I also debuted two new cosplays. Saturday I was Varric Tethras from the Dragon Age video game universe, and Sunday I was Amora the Enchantress from the Marvel universe. I’ve posted a ton of pictures from the con over on my cosplay page – ReadyAmyFir3 Cosplay – but here are two of my favorite photos from the weekend.

C2E2 2015 is coming up!

I’m very excited to take a break from my school work to attend C2E2 in Chicago this year. I’m going to be cosplaying all three days, and can’t wait to see what other people have cooked up for the convention. Cosplaying is my “blow off steam” activity during the school year, and I really enjoyed constructing two new cosplays for the convention – Bombshell Batwoman and Fetch Walker from Infamous: Second Son.